Twin-Injection-Lance (double wall)

Optimal efficiency due to enveloped air jet!


Due to the specific double wall function the material is supplied to the process in a concentrated manner. Transference over longer distances to the molten bath can be realized with this type of lance.


Compared to common lances, which usually consist of metallic injection lance and joint, the lances mentioned are evidently reaching a far longer operational lifetime.

Extraction of foam slag from inset-carbon in the electric arch furnance

common technique
improved with ceramic carbon twin-injection-lance


  • Inside: Al2O3 ceramic / SIC ceramic
  • Outside:
    • regular steel
    • stainless steel of different grades
    • heat-resistant steel
  • joint for propellant for affinity and concentration of medium flow
  • sizes of lances: dimensions DIN 25, 32, 40, 50