in different pore sizes (medium based)

  • NIROPUR=  Air permeable sintered stainless steel
  • Poromelt=  Air permeable plastic
  • Keramik=  Air permeable sintered elements
  • Quarzsand=  Air permeable sintered elements

Standard version

  • Silo discharge cone
  • Transmission outlet

Direct installation or refit

  • Ventilation surfaces
  • Ventilation spots
  • Ventilation pipes
  • Ventilation strips

Custom made products

  • Air cannon
    Customized, special production with control unit for the extreme case of bridging and material compression in the silo

Range of application

  • Small and large silos
  • Pressure container
  • Material conveying lines (e.g. delivery pipe system)

  • Niropur
    • Conveyors and silos up to 200 cbm in the material discharge area
    • Steel- and building materials industry

  • Poromelt
    • Only for conveyors with guaranteed dry and oil-free material and conveying gas
    • Food and chemical industry

  • Ceramics and quartz sand elements
    • Large capacity silos, mainly in soils to be fluidized, outlets and sections
    • These elements can be produced in any desired shape for a fluidization in the best possible way.
    • Cement-, lime-, gypsum- and mineral industry