Ceramic Pipe Bend

Compared to conventional material components and due to their seamless or segmented ceramic coating, our ceramic elbows and pipes minimize downtime and provide a multiplication of operational lifetime.


This solution for all pneumatic conveying systems lowers your production costs and therefore is an important element to reduce your operational costs.



Construction of a ceramic pipe bend

  • Pipe bend outside: regular steel/ stainless steel in different grades
    • According to size and radius segmented to DIN 2605 (ISO)
    • Primed ca. 40 µm
    • Body-colour: RAL5014 (light blue) or customer requested

  • Pipe bend inside: Standard ceramic-inliner/ Al2O3- Ceramic (jointless or segmented)
    • In range of high temperature SiC-Ceramic (jointless or segmented)
    • Special models
    • Buffer material: cement/ flex. cement/ silicone / flex. synthetic PUR

  • Pipe bends (inside and outside) and joint components  can be coated with:
  • Caustic solution
  • Acid-resistant
  • Pipe bends in lightweight design (food industry)
  • Inliner coated with GFRP-enclosure. - > Advantage: low weight!

Technical Description